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Terms and Privacy

  1. This product is currently in a Beta state. During this time you can expect to encounter various issues related to functionality, accessibility and overall performance. Our team is actively working to improve the product and will deliver updates to all users as soon as is reasonably possible.

  2. We will never share your report, its contents or any of your data with a 3rd party without your permission. This includes any data on your map, your name, email, addresses, billing details or any other information we collect during the operation of our services.

  3. No data provided by our service is generated by us. This includes but is not limited to water quality, air quality, animal / plan observations, property data, crime stats, text based descriptions or any other information we provide now or in the future. These are all provided by 3rd party services. You acknowledge that we did not produce this data and therefore do not provide any representation or warranties as to its accuracy. Further, you are not granted any rights to this data by using product. You cannot republish, repackage, redistribute or resell this data in any way without our written permission or the permission of the appropriate license holder. For more information about our data providers please click here.

  4. Maps provided are not land surveys and you acknowledge that we are not surveyors. 

  5. Reports and our maps cannot be used to settle any legal matters and you agree not to hold MappedBy accountable for any errors, omissions or unintended inclusions in the data provided regardless of if it is related to the data or how we choose to display the data.

  6. No representation of any warranty is offered by or any of its partners. Under no circumstances will you hold MappedBy or it's data partners accountable for any losses you or your clients suffer due to inaccurate information within our reports. You should verify all information yourself using independent sources.

  7. All property features and coordinates shown are to be treated as approximations only. For exact coordinates or boundary opinions, contact a licensed land surveyor in your region. Our maps might guide you to a monument, however only licensed surveyor can confirm that it is in the correct location and was originally placed by a licensed surveyor.

  8. Any searched address will display in our "recently-searched" section of this website. By using this product you acknowledge that we will use this data in this manner, however we will not associate this report to your personal information. We may choose to show a preview of a report for this address or an entire address on our website as a featured address, however we will in no way indicate who originally searched for this address.

  9. You agree to hold us and our partners harmless to any and all claims and/or damages that may arise from the purchase or use of its products. 

  10. No refunds will be issued if your account is suspended due to any violation of our terms.

  11. The terms of this agreement are to be governed by courts in the province of Ontario, Canada.

  12. If any term in this document is found to be invalid the remaining terms should remain in full effect.

  13. You accept that we do not cover any losses related to the usage of our product for personal or professional purposes. If for any reason a loss is experienced and a ruling is issued in your favour, you agree that the maximum value of the rewarded damages must not exceed any funds you paid to us during the time you used our product.

  14. Maps can be made public and shared with others. Personal data you do not wish to be seen by others should not be stored on a map. If personal data is leaked via the improper use of a map or the permission structure of the map you agree to hold us harmless to this event.

  15. We store all our data in the United States of America and/or Canada. We are not to be held responsible if you suffer losses related to our services losing data in the event of a disaster, security breach or other interruption of our services.

  16. This is a free product, you agree to indemnify MappedBy, its partners and affiliates of any damages related to using our product regardless of cause.

  17. Our terms may change from time to time, when they do you will be notified by email using the email address you logged in with.

  18. We will not send you marking communications unless you opted in to receive them. We may send you information relevant to your account such as notifications about our terms changing, updates about your account or changes to our service that impact your account. You cannot opt out of these transactional notification types.


Last updated: March 6th 2022

Any legal inquiries should be directed to
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