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Make Informed Decisions When  Buying in Toronto

Know if you’re about to buy a home in a floodplain


Flooding will become more common as storm events become more frequent and severe due to climate change. Floodplains are particularly at risk of increased flooding events. While back-flow protection valves and sump pumps can help protect a home from flood damage, it’s still important to understand the flooding risk before you buy a property. Our property reports will show you if the property you’re considering is inside a floodplain so you can do your due diligence.

Want more property details?

Create a property report for the specific address you’re interested in to see the full suite of property details we offer to help you make an informed decision on one of the biggest purchases of your life.

Getting detailed property information has never been easier.

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Building permits

Know if renovations were completed with building permits and the status of those permits.  See permits for neighbouring houses to know if you’ll be moving into a construction zone.

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Easy-to-read heatmaps that show rates of assaults, break-and-enters, homicides, robberies, and car and bike thefts.



Water damage is a big issue for homeowners. Properties located in floodplains may be at greater risk of flooding.


Heritage Designations

Heritage homes have different permit requirements, restrictions and insurance options. 

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Access to parking can be hard to come by in Toronto. Get details of the property’s parking and nearby areas that do and don't offer overnight on-street parking.

Zoning details

Easily see the zoning of an area and link directly to the relevant legal documentation to understand nearby developments.

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Transit lines and stations

See all present, under development, and proposed transit lines and stations near the property.

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Shelters/community housing and more

Know the various types of housing near the property.

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News you need to see

Local news articles can tell a lot about a property. Let us highlight the most important articles so you don't miss a thing.


Air quality

Insights into air quality via OpenAQ’s network of air sensors.

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Sun/shade simulations

Simulations show how much sun and shade a property will get year-round, so you can avoid living in the shadow of tall buildings and get the optimal sunlight for your lifestyle.

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Restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and emergency services

Instantly know the property’s access to important amenities and services.

We’re always adding more information!

Is there something that we’re missing? Let us know and we'll add it (subject to data availability, most layers can be added in 1-2 days).


Existing customers will always get new information free of charge.

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