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Real estate data via API
And it doesn't feel like it was made in 1999

Sourcing data about properties is difficult, restrictive and time consuming. We needed to solve this problem for ourselves, now we're making the data that powers MappedBy available to anyone who needs it.

No limits, no restrictions, just easy access to real estate data.

Available in the US and Canada (other regions upon request - please contact us)

Get started for free!

All accounts come with API access to a wide range of services.


Detailed property data


Listing content generation


Fast and high availability

How it works

We source data

You create an account

Integrate into your product or website

Property data is fragmented. Depending where you live, what's available and how it's stored, you're going to do a lot of custom coding. 

We bring all the data together, normalize it and make it available in a clean and easy to use REST API.

All users get access to our API. To access some data we require additional agreements to be signed, you can request access by emailing and letting us know, we'll get you whitelisted right away (typically within a few hours)

We don't care how you use the data, you do need to attribute us as a source but you're free to use the information as you see fit.

Non-paying accounts are rate limited, but you can remove limits by subscribing.

Get started

Getting started is simple:

1. Signup for a free account

2. Read our API documentation (

3. Start making requests

What Our Clients Say

Private Property

Tom McGrath - Broker of Record MFS Realty Services Inc

"I'm amazed by this AI tool's efficiency in creating real estate listings. It saved me time, helped me focus on potential buyers, and made my properties stand out. My sellers loved the polished descriptions. A must-have for any real estate professional!"

Boost SEO with unique content

Elevate your product with not only an impressive look and feel, but also improve your SEO rankings by creating distinctive content that's not found anywhere else on the internet.

Create eye-catching products

Allow our content to help you make the best website or app out there. We have the data to empower your sucess.

Improve your teams performance

Sourcing, cleaning and delivering data is difficult. Let us do the hard part so you can focus on building a great product.

Save time

Crafting listings and property reports can be tedious, exasperating, and not the best use of your valuable time. Let us help with the heavy lifting.

High availability

Our API is highly available, reliable and affordable. You can integrate our services knowing your websites reliability and performance will be in no way degraded.

Stand out from the pack

Rise above the competition in the real estate market by leveraging best in class data.

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