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Why agents love MappedBy

Claim your listings today.

MappedBy enables you to send comprehensive reports to your clients, consistently featuring your brand and all the information they desire.

Instead of spending time gathering data from individual sources for your clients, MappedBy allows you to combine your brand with ours, delivering not just information but also trust to your clients.


We simplify the process of accurately representing properties by allowing you to reference our data, easily pinpoint areas that require further investigation, and identify who to contact for assistance.

Additional reasons agents love MappedBy:

  • Ability to claim your listings: Remove the branding of competitive agents from addresses you represent.

  • Your brand on our reports: All your listings and any report you generate and shared with others will always feature your branding.

  • Effective targeting: Our cost-effective ads reach your ideal consumers - those looking to buy or sell. 

  • Real-time reporting: Access our performance dashboard for real-time data on impressions and conversion rates.

  • Hyper-local focus: Display your ads only in the areas you service (as small as 100m x 100m).

  • Genuine leads from affordable ads: When users request contact, they genuinely expect a call from an agent.

  • We are a highly skilled team: Our founders have over a decade of experience and have spent millions on ads, acquiring users worldwide.

  • Pricing flexibility: Whether you need custom branding or want to advertise to organic signups and have us recommend your services, we can tailor an ad campaign to suit your needs within your budget.

  • Zero commitment: If you're not satisfied with the results, you can cancel at any time.

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Get your ad on our reports today.

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