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Andrew, some time in 2018 during a renovation project.

Hi, I'm Andrew!

Real Estate has been a big part of my life in Toronto. I’ve lived all over, from apartments in Brampton, downtown in the Junction and later by Christie Pits, to my first condo purchase in Leslieville. I eventually moved west again when I bought a detached house near Trinity Bellwoods. 


After the success of a tech company I co-founded, I took a break from the tech scene and focused on Real Estate.  I invested in a condo downtown and a semi-detached house in Little Italy. Then I spent a year renovating the semi to turn it into a legal duplex—my life revolved around building permits and trips to City Hall.


In total, I’ve purchased five properties and sold two. Each of these Real Estate transactions had its headaches and surprises. I find the lack of readily-available information to make these important decisions truly frustrating.


So, I’ve decided to combine my interests and experiences in Real Estate and tech to create a company where I can help anyone (agents, brokers, sellers, buyers and renters) easily and quickly make informed decisions when searching for a home, investment or researching properties as part of their job. 


Our property reports make it easy to find property information and make data-driven decisions. 


Welcome to MappedBy!



Feel free to reach out...


Read more about our mission and data providers here.

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