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Our mission

We seek out data that is of public interest and bring it together to improve visibility, availability, and accessibility of this data.


Many of the organizations providing the data we rely on are in a difficult situation. They're often underfunded and therefore have limited staff resources and time that they can allocate to releasing data to the public. The result is an inconsistently deployed series of tools that leave the end user to figure out. Inconsistent tool versions, accessibility problems, and sometimes the data is just hard to find. Yet these organizations don't have many other options, they find themselves with vast quantities of information but limits means of sharing it. This data is often created with public money and it could be helpful to thousands of people if only they could easily access it.


That's where we come in. We find data that people need, bringing it all together in one easy to use system. We layer on AI and our own knowledge try articulate why the data is important, how it should be interpreted, what the limitations of the data is and of course, where we sourced it from.

Of course, we cannot do this for free. It takes time to find data, integrate it and our systems have very real costs to maintain and operate. While we do not sell our reports, we do charge industry experts to place relevant ads along side the content on our website. Everything we do has the publics interests at heart and we hope you find it useful.

Data sources

If you represent a data provider and want to talk to us about additional information or anything related to the data we're already providing please reach out by email
Data description
Toronto Police
Various TPS Open data projects
City of Toronto
Various Toronto Open data assets
Province of Ontario (and many volunteering members of the public)
Lake partner program water quality data
Base maps and satellite imagery
Ontario Land Information Office
Bathymetry data for Ontario Lakes
Observational data related to animals, plans, fungus, trees and much more.
Air quality for the entire planet
County of Haliburton
Floodplain data for Minden and Haliburton areas
Essex Region Conservation Authority
Floodplain data
Grand River Conservation Authority
Floodplain data
Hamilton Conservation Authority
Floodplain data
Halton Conversation Authority
Floodplain data
Ontario Land Information Office
Land parcel information for Ontario
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